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I am trying to find some blogs that can give me more insights from the patients, their familes and their friends, without approaching them physically.

Here are some links that I have revealed:

Parents of College Kids and Young Adults with Type 1 (Forum)

Being Diabetic (NZ) – Social Media

Lucy living life with D – Social Media

I knew Being Diabetic for a while and it has more than 1000 likes including diabetics, parents with diabetic kid(s) or some other people, this page is very active with lots of traffic. Aaron himself is a diabetic and he always post up his experiences living with diabetes. He also helps and connect other diabetics by posting questions on behalf of another diabetic. People there are very helpful and you can tell they are sooooo willing to give advice and help even without knowing each other. I feel so “warm” in my heart. The chronic illness Diabetes did not ruin their lives, it explains their lives, it makes it meaningful for them and their families and friends. 

Is this what the healthcare providers are lacking? The connection and interaction with the patients and their families. Why people seek help through social media rather than approaching their primary or secondary healthcare team?


More to read:



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